Wednesday, August 26, 2015

i smell a rat

our little poop bomb goes off every hour or two (and i've now experienced the joys of repeatedly cleaning him alone in the middle of the night) while screaming for food and contact. the problem is that you can't leave him stewing in his juices for very long, but there's no indicator that lets you know if he's actually done or if you're about to waste another diaper. have i said that already? we have cloth diapers, but they're too large for him right now and we haven't learned how to handle them yet...

this morning i stared for a while in amazement at my wife being milked by an electric breast pump.

i really can't wait for him to learn to speak. i certainly feel like i'm getting the full infant experience, from the ultra-exhaustion and the frustrations to the joys of seeing and feeling him relaxed on my chest to the panic every time he squeaks or coughs...


a relaxed morning but overload aggressive by the afternoon trying to fix gd's android again and figure out how the breast pump works.

according to the quebec government agent i spoke to, uploading and emailing are illegal forms of communication but taking a photo of a document, correcting it, emailing it, printing it and then handing it over to a third party for delivery are totally legit. amusingly, they only operate on digitized documents so they can't process what we've sent until someone has scanned and uploaded it on their end.

shopping mission, then baby care until late.


lone ranger from half past midnight to 2.somethingam handling being pooped on during a change and a long, incomprehensible howling

waking early for a shitty morning that a walk couldn't fix. finally sorting out gd's maternity payments. mom's lunch, some project work and accompanying gd to acupuncture which basically entailed starbucks coffee and treasure island.

a good dinner and an evening brought short by a combination of the morning's continuation and mr smear's now regular campaign to make nights tougher than days


drawing the 2am shift, an hour and a half of feeding and changing diapers and worrying about the small rodent or giant roach that scrambled when i entered the kitchen that rammed itself loudly enough into the underside of our stove that i can be sure it wasn't merely imagined

waking up early to speak to israeli social insurance and learn - clearly, for the first time - that applying to deregister as a resident will not affect my citizenship in any way. should have done this almost three years ago...

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