Saturday, May 23, 2015

some good news!

france forces supermarkets to be socially responsible. very cool, france. very cool.

there's drought everywhere. here're some things we can do about it. how interesting that the second item on the list is healthier for us.

holy optical upgrades, batman! bionic lenses may be available soon.

elon musk, again. if i had his kind of capital, i'd open up a school for my kids too. did i not post musk's battery keynote?

boredom is good. we need to stop scrolling our feeds, apparently.

why robots can and should take our jobs.

now for the not-so-good stuff:

the new california oil spill is a thing because we're still authorizing off-shore drilling. because we're still begging for drilling at all. because we all have to have private cars, because we can't switch to electricity (and switch to cleaner fuels), because we can't switch to public transport, because we can't switch to thinking about ourselves as a part of our environment.

gd and i have been learning about varicose veins during pregnancy. it is unbelievable how quickly they develop and how suddenly the most trivial things become impossible.

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