Tuesday, May 19, 2015

long weekend


asking for a show of hands in the stand-up meeting
gd stopping work
getting up to a comfortable hour on the treadmill, finishing hungry
helping my backend dev debug and then continuing with hac, traveling home with my junior and aligning goals.

a great start to the weekend, a surprisingly fast tax refund really helping out. back muscle swollen, wedding rings and copper branch and van hellsing (the original series, funimation's really difficult to navigate)

ice cream overload, passing out on the couch behind gd


and dreaming about creating a wicked beat, moving from couch to bed via brushing teeth and realizing that the tooth i haven't had cash to treat has become infected 

oh, ez pz rpg...

failed laser treatment: too much tan to try
support shopping and three year old signs wasting our time
buying wedding rings online
urgently resting and resting WELL (including van hellsingspeed grapher and hot fuzz)
developing a decidedly disappointing cough, then sharing it, back still hurting

last-minute shopping, in-house shoe weirdness with bnw
rick and mortyez pz rpg and the rest of hot fuzz


a late, good start
wanting to translate the israeli opposition's parliament speech for the rest of the world
aubut mission and weak arms
researching pregnancy varicose veins, learning how serious they are and how relatively common they are

final fantasy for the first time in ages with gd trying to get through some jewish studies, an important conversation about conversion
nightcrawler is an excellent movie. no no: a dockumentary is amazing.

gd taking risks on food and copper branch's extreme poutine fail


defending a stateless paradigm argument on quora

dreaming of being in an underground resistance movement, turning off the lights and diffusing a situation with our militant muslim neighbours, robin williams kissing everyone's cheeks in an exaggerated manner but the two of us just covering our eyes at each other

breakfast ideologies
february rent mission
hanging pictures and sorting out my standing desk
shopping nightmare (supermarket filled with assholes and a long list)
horseman to the rescue, an afternoon of awesome tekken and talking until late
my first steaming veggies in our new apartment: gd was sleeping so i forgot to turn the heat down, but even soggy it tasted bloody good

now exhausted and in desperate need of some sleep before returning to the office.

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