Saturday, May 09, 2015

an exciting close to a good week


high tone, purchasing "perfect slicer" for gd so i can justify buying something equally silly for myself, rushing to leave on time to meet horseman at the court so he could bear witness to our application to get married. it looks like we're going to be signing the papers on the fourth of july! i guess that'll be our "dependants day" :D

work on time, a weird day with my now-ex manager maybe staying, both him and ol' snake eyes playing nice (including an hour-long support lecture during which he actually included quite a lot of sage advice amongst his decidedly dubious diatribes), working hard until training time

crazy cardio to finish the class and the drills a little bit rougher than intended, utterly wiped out by the end; the barest minimum of an evening and getting to bed early again


a fantastic night's sleep, a good start to the morning including my first rosetta stone french lesson - their online subscription is totally worthwhile
an awkward but relaxed day at work, a break after lunch to unintentionally soak up some sun while lost on my way to catch a quick coffee with sagirl, returning to work a little more and then heading off to the gym for a forty minute run followed by a solidly demanding boxing class: summer has arrived in tristar! the evening was sweaty and gross but deeply satisfying.

feeling good, but sore and stiff and marshmallow-like all at the same time. copper branch and high tone dinner delight. gd liking the early scraps to a new piece inspired by the most outrageous racism that i'd witnessed during the day (i'm staying friends with the offender on facebook so i can keep seeing what's up on the other side - interestingly enough, everything else he's been posting is so in line with me that i'm sorry facebook didn't show me that stuff instead...)

today so far:

sleeping in, slowly starting the day right. trying to schedule a meeting with the new illustrator and waiting for horseman to bring over equipment for a recording session.

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