Sunday, April 19, 2015

a moment in the sun-day


great waking, serious breakfast and small chores and midnight nation
*finally* prepping for the gym...

... and not going. walmart and star fluxx instead. more talking than working, then leaving early for a great team happy hour, shopping twice and coming home tipsy to a delicious dinner

passing out after showering and


waking up early, hurriedly putting up curtains before rushing to work

i think i'm too big to be a hobbit.
long workday, exciting success, toxic nsfw bubbles

serious rls and seriously glad for my massage ball

reintroduction to boxing after two months out of the gym:
1. "dude, you've lost weight. it's obviously muscular, it's a good thing you're back."
2. you know it's been a good class when after showering you have trouble raising your towel above your shoulders.

excellent takeout and an early night for both of us


sleeping in and dreaming hard, an entire morning sunk into my poetry video
why do i have to explain to our neighbours that pouring water off their balcony onto ours isn't cool?

why didn't godmother contact me when we had plans? good kokkino coffee, interesting debates, rushing off to donate blood

straightforward and not unpleasant procedure, feeling pretty good afterwards

home quick for relaxation therapy and dinner, then meeting vfmp again at a sports bar to watch a ufc fight night (mostly good) and drink to his birthday

being challenged on the metro ruining an otherwise chilled evening

today so far:

seriously feeling the boxing, stiff and sore arms and body
a haircut day, interrupted for french practice and shopping

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