Saturday, March 14, 2015

summary report: groovy


big shopping

amazing pushap lunch

the my-new-team's-in-trouble meeting

six straight hours of bash-hating

in a rush and urgently using a public toilet while wearing a sweater and jacket, which gd informs me is what women usually experience in winter

geriatric evening at walmart, on both sides of the counter

helping a slow crutchwalker home

gd's delicious dinner, homeless o'clock at the dep

gameloading: rise of the indies is awesome! i'm very glad i backed it ^_^


tough getting out of such a comfortable bed, a good start to the day and then getting hit with a fine for jay-walking right outside the metro. with a little tension from asshole-cop...

how romantic, we each got matching fines...

a good start to the workday, long but productive

is the c++ team manager trying to recruit me too?

discovering that 78% *is* complete when the original estimate is bad

spring thaw: the temperature's risen and it's almost mid-march and i pretty much missed out on the snowboarding season :(

a pleasant start to an utterly shit evening with an old apartment pickup

luxuria superbia is highly addictive, and very, very awkward in terms of how it makes you interact with a device. the sound and the visuals are amazing, worth the money all round.


a great start to a stunning spring day that i enjoyed in spite of myself, scripting level up, judaica mission

leaving later than planned, but discovering that a few of my teammates are neighbours and into wall climbing 

weirdness synchronization, dinner, luxuria superbia and then suddenly crashing


trying to sleep in, battling online, my first day without bandaids since the laser surgery, feeling a good morning on the way to work

good progress (i learned cake), good fluxx, a simple and constructive afternoon, finishing all my tasks and working on a personal project to improve a really dodgy setup

being lectured about overtime by a pregnant teammate who was thrilled to hear about gd and is full of advice

a really nice, chilled evening with exciting news from my mom ^_^

RIP terry pratchett: someone's playing dice with the gods tonight. reading the colour of magic to gd in his memory


an early, but grand morning. the cic dude recognized me and was really cool. taking a long starbucks detour so i could speak to an aerospace recruiter, but he didn't call back so it became an excuse for a very pleasant walk before work.

my manager's so excited and impressed by my performance that he really doesn't want me to try for his other team! and i'm enjoying myself too :)

so it's official, i'm now an "infrastructure developer"

a great afternoon, connecting with the gamers from our QA team, finishing strong and leaving early while the sun was still up!

apartment cleansing with mezuzot and candlelighting and vfmp's housewarming gift of carcassonne's winter edition, which CAN be treated as an expansion pack, even if doing so for only two people was a bit ambitious

today so far:

a short night but a good rest, gd waking up a little before me for pre-snowboard coffee. leaving late but still not too bad considering how much nearee we live to the metro now

*a heart filled with gratitude*

not a bad rest on the bus, taking my time for coffee before hitting the slopes and being floored by some of the feature articles in wired's "sex in the digital age"

ice and powder, a little awkward at first but feeling smoother as the morning progressed

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