Tuesday, March 31, 2015


*last* sunday:

a most decadent morning spent working hard on a poetry video
le juicy lotus for a great lunch (the owner's daughter shouldn't have talked about us in hebrew)
godmother's for coffee, some helpful advice but a frustrated gd
signing up for fiverr
evening exhaustion

*last* monday:

drafting an apology to k-twang
early coffee mission in freakishly cold wind
not the worst monday - awesome trance, some fun python and a very short nerf battle, an incredible compliment to start my day and my new poem really starting to feel *good*

running around for a dryer part, finally finding it but in the wrong size...

a long chat with my mom followed by a long chat with gd, dinner fail


poetry video inspiration, metro practice
being stupidly tired at work, caffeine not helping 
a long lunch prepping my poem
facepalming to my previous team deploying broken code
gd's cryptic midday message
leaving late and tired with a pinching nerve and blurry vision
quick shopping and peaceful welcome


a good morning, if a little slow, running into an old gym-buddy / new co-worker on the metro while trying to learn my new poem

really? sql injection emergencies? why do we bother performing code reviews?

star fluxx is AWESOME.
<embarrassing bathroom incident>
learning - at the end of the day- that i'd spent a day doing the wrong thing, but at least learning a lot on the way

a new illustrator on board! perfect timing ^_^
joe rogan - live from the tabernacle
the 11.30 homeless phone call


complaining about 6.30am and thinking about four months' time
rushing to the wrong wing of the hospital


the most sublime, psychedelic ultrasound experience: we have a little man on the way! seeing him formed, from his brain to his heart to his tiny toes, his posing and his reposing...

... unreal. amazing. beautiful. exhilarating.


firefighting while high on the morning's experience, facebook ghost-writing for hac, awesome amba group pushap lunch, manager daddy-lecture and nerf wars, working late but methodically getting stuff done

home late, short rest, dinner and nutrition inspiration, fly swatting

starting my son's email dropbox, being touched by the first hour of the intouchables


a violently sudden wakeup realizing that i needed to go to the passport office, straightforward procedure, slow but good work progression, godmother dropoff

even as a joke, don't accuse a manager of cheating at fluxx :(

long day, ending late, big compliments
gd's brother's surprise, shopping, family planning, the century of the self and being too tired to eat


a great night's sleep but waking up from disturbing, tedious dreams involving people trying and failing to be decent and a dungeons and dragons mission that involved a LOT of spiders and a cherry bomb under the grotesque corpse of a fallout-style alien.

a social media morning, a little stressed about things in general (why can't the world just be cool for a minute?) and skipping what could have been my last opportunity to snowboard this season because it's too expensive and we're about to travel...

a short day resting, chilling, adoring the end of the intouchables (magnificent!), going to bed early

-- kicking rls in the legs --


good start mailing the future, warshaw curtains fail and walmart desperation, all while tightening up my new piece and preparing to record

hanging curtain-rails, lunch, shopping, first-world problems, saying goodbye to the old apartment, sudden exhaustion before packing, walking the dog, packing


sleep of the dead, long coffee and flight comics

rushed morning at work, closing down my sprint, stupid rush to finish packing (i'd done my part) - nothing like having to hurry to wait for many hours because gd's brother wanted to "do us a favour"

flight cancellation on a two-leg trip when travelling pregnant: wow. but the reroute through london is at least a chance to see some family...

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