Sunday, February 08, 2015

up (and down) in arms


oh, garbage day. waking up early to dress up and rush out into the street at -28, knowing that the garbage men might be here in a few minutes... or a couple of hours...

waking up for garbage day in the middle of a dream in which k-twang's parents had invited us over but had left him the house and he'd invited friends over for a huge house party. they tried repeatedly to do nasty things to me and i managed to turn the tables most of the time. then there was a chase on the highway, i somehow watched / followed a biker riding over a construction vehicle and launching himself down to the highway below. then i saw k-twang deliberately instigating an accident or joining one that had just taken place, and unintentionally getting himself really hurt

finding my mom's envelope! writing on the metro (it feels like it's been forever). chatting with newk'd and being proud of how far he's come, simply avoiding talking about his breakup

a heavy-thinky day with loads of new discoveries, broken by some very serious lunch money sessions.

dinner and louis and comic publishing


a long night of sleep and dreams
nerve damage tension

should've used an established unit test framework, but mine's pretty good nonetheless
a fantastic game of lunch money
a long afternoon with some really dumb moments... overall successful and bureaucratically positive

boxing solid even without a warmup and after three weeks of injury and illness, feeling really good afterwards

then sitting badly on the metro. of course.

stan lee's superhumans is awesome.


crashing on the couch and being unable to move to the bed at 2am is not awesome.
a good night's rest, a sufficiently early morning to make a dermatologist appointment (suspicious mole, and my previous referral expired)
overall a very good morning

the slow realization that i've been working two tasks simultaneously and so am not actually behind on my schedule 
lunch money taken to a new level: booking a meeting room. also in the news, exploding kitties HOLY SHIT.

an afternoon of IT struggles ending just before the end of the day with the discovery that our production software would be completely useless without extra cache optimizations and that points to the whole silex / symphony / doctrine combination being absolute shit [turns out it's pretty good, we were timing out for software that hadn't been installed]

kickboxing: seriously sweating and it's not summer. hard work, and moving super slowly afterwards

dinner in front of the boob tube, going to bed feeling great after two days of gym and looking forward to a friday - waking up a couple of hours later with strained, useless upper arms


stupid and slow, mostly positive but ultimately late for work

a day full of hardware problems, making frustratingly slow progress and taking a step backwards for each step forwards

good indian takeout and minds switched off and feeling good about my neck exercises and posture and going to bed early


slow start, resleep, godmother coffee
too-long supermarket mission and disappointment (though the baguette was worth cold hands)

a few episodes of that 70's show and walking out to surprising big grins and stares from strangers

awkwardly being dumped with an interesting woman originally from pretoria, returning home and soon being sent off shopping; there's nothing like paying for two heavy bags, dressing up and walking 100m before realizing you've forgotten something important...


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