Saturday, February 14, 2015

spooky good

it's hard to sleep well when your nose and throat block the moment you lie down, and the dry air makes it worse

middle-of-the-night worries about cash and realizing i need to postpone my dental work and take care of my insurance claims already

relaxed friday morning feeling, slowly making good progress. awkwardly meeting the germans, exciting lunch money and a slow afternoon that included a walk to walmart because if i'm going to think and plan i may as well do something useful and healthy (walking in the freezing cold) simultaneously.

the day being killed early by discussing a disruptive gaming platform i've been thinking of for a year or so with an enthusiastic hac and saskwatch - it's gratifying to see my ideas bouncing around and leaving marks!

stepping out of the metro to great vacation news and turning around just before i got home. my bonus couldn't be coming at a better time! once stabilized, i want to get myself off this whole credit thing...

delicious (imo) dinner failures and that 70's show

good stretching and neck exercises before bed with only a minor neck concern, feeling weird with so many bandaids on my body, ready for a day  in the snow!

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