Monday, February 02, 2015

friendship plus relaxation therapy


easy laser experience with a different woman who a) told me something i should've been told before about shaving pre-laser (shave *above* the line you want) and b) seemed really excited to learn about l-carnatine (AVOID!!!), b12 (CONSUME!!!) and whey protein alternatives

some good crash and tekken time, then moving awkward, heavy furniture through deep snow at -25 celcius

holy fuck, this was a job for professionals not two men, one with a pregnant women at home


and a series of broken telephone messages became a lie that ended a friendship; i could have responded better, coming home to a long discussion about reflexes, and realizing that i still need to deal with my polygraph demons. and that our "friends" are stupid.


waking up in a treasure hunt panic, ransacking our apartment and still dealing with last night's leftovers

signing the transfer for our new apartment! everything's groovy, although we decided to move at the end of the month so as not to get complicated with money, especially as the last month has had some heavy hits

big shopping when hungry and a difficult discussion about poetry slams and their timing and priority

crashing on the couch with a mouth full of ice cream, waking up to a comforting chat with my mom and then chilling in front of obsessions - that show really puts things in perspective...

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