Saturday, February 28, 2015

event horizons - part iii


working through a daze after officially hearing about the restructuring, staying late because i was so excited about sorting out the cross platform custom authentication issues i was dealing with

getting home to a warm awkwardness, going to clean a bit at the new pad which gave us plenty of time to talk; the new place is fantastic, but the previous tenant's stuff is still there so that was a wasted effort


a lot of good sleep, could've used more.

i'm deeply impressed by the potential for pornhub's masterful device design, it's gonna be great for charging phones at festivals!
oh, 2015: when "stop or you'll go blind" became "stop and you'll be sitting in the dark".

speaking of festivals, i have a deep and desperate need to dig.

a good morning, including my teammates taking advantage of my unlocked computer to invite everyone for donuts. i'd just gotten paid*, so i used the excuse for a pleasant walk to draw cash and buy vegan desserts from pushap which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. then the CTO came over and asked me if i was willing to move with my current manager, who i'm sure i've mentioned before is one of the best i've had. so that's confirmed :)

i'll be sorry to no longer be working directly with sasquatch, though.

* finally! i was worried my payment would be late and so we had to slum it the whole week to make sure we had cash for rent and the movers

we're definitely getting more and more into the spirit of pirate fluxx :)

it was a long afternoon (i worked two hours later than i was supposed to) completely absorbed by the complexities of what i originally believed would be fairly trivial. i could only leave once the mission was complete, which gave me an opportunity to chat with my boss without anyone eavesdropping - i appreciate his candidness in those situations. i also appreciated learning that big junior will be moving to another team.

steaming green dinner, nursing a beer, comic publishing (and managing the forgotten fourth panel all by myself), purchasing great games through humble bundle and struggling to rank muse and placebo albums.


a much better morning, i purchased origin of symmetry and finally, five years later, read through the transcript of an interview i agreed to with a journalist / researcher connecter to tpj. looking back, there are a few things that i definitely didn't need to mention and it's mortifying to see how much of my speech she garbled. clearly she couldn't understand my accent. having said that, there were plenty of me-isms that i recognize and am a little embarrassed about. at some point i will clean it up and publish it.

i'm supposed to be preparing and packing and stuff today. but we'll only be able to start tomorrow morning because the new apartment's not quite ready yet. one thing i urgently need to do today is find is a slip of paper with my new SIN - i need that to update all my services with my new address and i seem to have misfiled it :S

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