Thursday, February 19, 2015

crossing eyes and dotting tees


stupid AM being reminded of just how crappy a design my respiratory system is; a stuffed sinus and blowing my nose only making it worse and swallowing leading to choking...

... so much focus on my breathing that i didn't need to actively wake up at 5.20... an easy morning taken one step at a time, leaving a little late (at dawn) with the words "dawn patrol" infusing me with a sense of accomplishment

i knew it would be a great snow day, but *damn* the bus was packed, and delayed :/

first run slow, and my neck was a bit tender for the first few even as i started to warm up and speed up. it was so cold after the fourth i had to run inside to de-ice!

a great set of speedy runs, not feeling adventurous enough to do the snow park alone. *i* find that weird and silly.

i understand now why i need a go-pro: not for the action so much as for the pictures i would take if only it wasn't too cold to remove my gloves

a woman skiing her husky? very cool.

- down the fluoride rabbit hole -
[it's not healthy to add it to the water supply, but it's not *as* dangerous as some people make out]

a beautiful afternoon, really relaxing at breakneck speeds with enough adrenaline and close calls to be whooping for joy! i really should have a partner in crime, though.

calling it a day for coffee and wired, taking it easy

not letting the music from the back of the bus bother me, the beggar with the big story following me to his disappointment

getting home to an angry, hungry gd and two wasted pizzas


not the best morning, but not the worst either
midi 6: the final straw, finding a nice place with zero vegan options instead (but they did have almond milk latte)
serious shopping (with a hilarious but unrepeatable embarrassing moment)
lunch, horseman's visit and him giving us a ride to the cinema
the incident of the tumbling popcorn

jupiter ascending: stunning visuals, interesting conceptually and fantastically cool as far as tech and fashion and alien design go. having said that... the 3D wasn't done well, the dialogue was often shameful, the sound mastering was an absolute disaster, the basic premise and a lot of the story elements were remarkably amateur, and overall there was a general sense that something was "off" and it was nigh impossible to suspend belief and be immersed. in short - fun, but far from being a great theatre experience. if you're going to watch it at all, though, the big screen's definitely the way to do it.

the case of the broken ladder, and i think i understand why so many people here die utterly alone. self-absorbed apathy is bad.



a full range of morning, a frustratingly unproductive few hours at work then rushing home to comfort a scared gd along with my stepdog before going to see the doctor.

gd's doc is the sister of a guy i'm friendly with at work, everything seems okay and we have our first ultrasound image and a recording of the heartbeat! very exciting ^_^

triple taxi fail in the freezing cold suggesting that i *do* need to get sorted with a car2go / communauto account

great dinner, an early night after being surprised by a reminder for an early osteo appointment


5am garbage day mission
deep dreaming and almost impossible waking up from it

taking a big risk to pass a smoker on a narrow icy path so i wouldn't have to keep breathing it in

i only understood why i needed the osteo appointment when i left and realized how much better i felt

searching for an atm: wasting time when you're in a hurry to find something that you couldn't have known that you'd walked right past, and seeing it only on your return after withdrawing from a machine with a penalty fee

finally! a Getting Stuff Done morning, including more open source contributions (or not, the automated testing failed) and cancelling my dentist appointment in french.

fluxx for lunch, oddly enough enjoyed more than lunch money

focused afternoon working hard and smart, ultimately successful to the point of elation in spite of a significant distraction by a mysterious system failure

getting home to a super relaxing evening


confoo! which means going to bed early to get up stupid early to register before breakfast (which i wouldn't eat). rough dreams.

worst hotel / conference entrance without any signs, getting the wrong "p" in "jp", the missing keynote so i could've slept in

first talk good, second one pirate!
edible lunch, then horrifically dry and excessively detailed italian talk
a surprisingly interesting look at accurate story point estimation
team building by a woman who really doesn't understand male engineers and who actively rejected work ethic from a list of guiding principles (everyone i spoke to appreciated mine*)

* 1. do what you can with what you have; 2. make it better; 3. be flexible; 4. don't be more of an asshole than you need to be; 5. you are not your results.

lightning talks were mostly meh but with a couple of gems

another relaxed evening, finally sending in my first health insurance claim and being blown away by christopher titus' norman rockwell is bleeding.

this morning so far:

half-asleep waking up early for passport form filling, grateful that the -11 snowstorm was relatively warm and cozy

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