Friday, February 20, 2015


passport? the bureaucratic run-around. leaving gd to handle the rest and arriving late for the second talk. interesting security talk, discovering nexmo, awkward public-speaking talk with no authority about project management

learning that gd's passport's on the way! ^_^

good lunch, good presentation but sleepy even with the coffee...
fun api horror stories, followed by falling asleep to boring symphony best practices that are all available online

awkward drinks, then being accompanied to my metro station by a guy i didn't really feel like talking to

pampering, the nap, the crazy nevii itching

booking tickets! taking a while to find cheap ones, but totally worth it ^_^

contributing to a node project from windows demands dedication - i eventually threw in the towel after starting from scratch. i'll have to wait until monday when i have a linux box again.

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