Sunday, February 15, 2015

and then there were links

hackers win - and nobody talks about it much?

safe x-rays for everyone!!
and spinal cord implants ftw!

for me, just reading this article on willpower has already paid off.

i don't care if she's talented or just another tabloid favourite - good for her for making healthy food accessible!

could elysium health be the real deal in anti-aging?

nope, still disappointed that an idea i pitched to a myopic potential investor in 2003 is becoming a reality now; the things i would have done if i'd ever had enough capital...

rape is bad enough, but the legal processes actually make it worse.

are you gluten sensitive? are you sure?

we all know that people have different sleep patterns. don't we? this apology from a teacher is heart-breakingly on point.

aircraft safety vs the media's representation of it: chill, it's sensationalist bullshit. as always.

u.n. watch had some interesting / disturbing things to say about 2014:
ten worst UN decisions in 2014
ten biggest UN watch moments

at least the american pastor who helped uganda create kill the gays law will be tried for crimes against humanity/

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