Wednesday, December 10, 2014



setting my alarm but waking up late to find it off
running very late and the metro sign said 18 minutes, the relief to feel the next one enter the station was amazing!
office kitchen BO
cs lunch: i don't take the machine gun because it's good, i take it because it's fun and i'm happy to play a supporting roll
fruit run for fresh air

i am deeply disappointed by concordia university's decision to join the BDS movement, and i will be boycotting them in response

why are so many tutorials written so badly? (npm modules)

homecoming: stepdog, salad and some of harlock: space pirate (amazing!!)

gd putting me in my place for bad compensation for our comic's lack of layout (and me managing to fix it)


a long sleepless night giving birth to a ball of evil
realizing that i've been using my alarm wrong recently

a great and necessary and painful purging making me late for work and distracted

big junior being gracious about being ungracious, and later a pleasure to collaborate with 

my first half-decent league of legends  game

super productive meetings
rls at work


k-twang and co facebook unfriended me in response to my email last week. i don't know what made me think of that and check if that was the case, and i'm a little surprised to find myself feeling like i've just been dumped by a flame i'd lost feelings for anyway. i'm just as disappointed in k-twang as before, and i'm a bit saddened by but understanding of everyone else's show of support.

unfriending on facebook is as final a step as one can take, i suppose. today i officially lost two cousins.


walking the dog for quick shopping 
long dinner prep and the new bill burr special (excellent)

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