Tuesday, December 23, 2014



a restless night but getting comfortable just before we were due to get up, mix-n-match dreams (some old and some new

gd's mom passed away during the night

tough waking up but feeling better

a slow morning with tough debugging and sasquatch making me harass him to send updates to our manager

gaming hour: satellite reign pre-alpha! it's very pre-alpha, but the potential is tangible. introducing hac (all's well) to papers, please and buying newk'd space quests iv-vi for christmas

a tedious day but finally - finally! - feeling ready to test my fixed-up failed project in a production environment again, after investing in tons of debugging features and slowly sniping a whole swarm

running into mti and actually having time to chat

a slow night of dinner, heroes and late comics


beautiful, deep sleep disturbed by garbage day, dishes and accidentally touching a frighteningly severe boo-boo.

today's the last day before christmas vacation. we *need* this.

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