Thursday, December 11, 2014

the math

a really good night's sleep
decent morning
hating git, or sourcetree, or my vm setup
irritating email from my mum right before gym, a short visit with high power, a soothing response to my response

weather: apocalyptic

midday toilet run: three floors, six stalls, all occupied and two lines waiting

generally good afternoon
home and hurrying to p.m. then 


there's so much important stuff to post about (or repost), but only one of them blew my mind, took my breath away and made me go all mushy inside.


the rest of the day's items were only one-dimensional by comparison.


omg. oh - wow. AMAZING. gorgeous. intense. my cheeks were wet and my jaw sore by the time the lights went up, and not at all because i'd spent the last however long needing to pee so badly that i literally had to unbutton my pants to relieve pressure.

i was NOT going to get up and miss anything. i was SO right.


one of gd's bosses just crossed a line regarding how he treats his employees. she's secured a job with a friend of hers and has other options, but the transition will be a thing and change is never easy.

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