Wednesday, December 17, 2014

aches, pains, emotions


sleeping in a little but feeling properly rested after a fantastic weekend
satellite reign i'm-not-in-the-alpha-tier disappointment
getting in on's the gamers full series for $10 special with 18 minutes left on the clock
ten minute freakout thinking i'd lost my keys when they were precisely where i was sure i'd looked already

team christmas tree shopping, walmart clientele in the right spirit sharing personal space and holiday germs. the tree getting sasquatch and hac more excited than league of legends for once!

relaxed afternoon back on the old problem project

boxing: at the beginning sceptical of my ability to manage a whole class after how i felt on sunday, but finishing a rough class strong and in great spirits

slow, walking-through-jelly walk to the shops

coming home exhausted for an evening of awkward and impatient aggravation


publishing our comic instead of sorting out my SIN early... arriving late to a "we've moved" notice


quick 'n easy SIN renewal, getting lost leaving the building
realizing that i've been sick since before the weekend, the exhaustion started before snowboarding
meeting gd's ex when he picked up the dog
crashing, then dragging myself off the couch to meet gd at alexis nihon, buy candle holders for channukah, eat at the new copper branch (we didn't have enough time to renew my medical insurance card)

bumping teeth while being weird on the street and a hatted man asking "mind if i participate?"
photos, not buying $25 socks
opening a joint bank account

spilling coffee all over myself

gd's mom's sudden deterioration, long emotional hospital visit 

dinner, channukah candle lighting, heroes, stretching (back pre-spasms?), early bed

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