Saturday, November 08, 2014

finishing strong


weird morning, mostly good. in part from hearing that my mom's doing well, is finally ready to start dating again and the south african police have actually managed to find a couple of suspects (regarding the massive fraud / hack).

long, tough day, made tougher by my taking too long to get hold of the right tools for the job, made tougher by finally learning that my upgrades are performance killers, made tougher by IT [fine, that needs capitals] restrictions preventing my failsafes from working, made tougher by the production server dying on me at the same time as an old faithful and critical app died on me in an unrelated environment...

upsetting big junior during a code review and learning that he's "not interested in optimization" because he's got no experience with it :S

realizing on my way to training that i'm totally not prepared for friday's exam and deciding to forego. shopping and duolingo offline frustration (wasn't it supposed to do offline?)

great salad, washing machine DIDN'T make things red again, the returned is a super creepy series


bathroom space explosion 
meat market pharmacy experience
pocket dialling freakout for 15 minutes (apparently not charged, though)

rewriting smart logic to dumb it down


örmagörd the exam was horrible. again. and the woman in charge was a total bitch! again.

at least it snowed a little.


i did not know that pushap's meals include dessert. i did not know that they have a vegan dessert. i did not know that chickpea flour fudge is a thing.

i certainly didn't know that chickpea flour fudge is a wonderfully delicious thing.


thought for the day (fortunately not inspired by actual events): i have been on this earth almost thirty four years, and in that time i've learned that almost everyone, at some point or another, thinks to themselves "why couldn't that just have been a fart?"

the discovery that the biggest issue in my code was introduced by my manager, and the ensuing blazingly-fast and excellent performance made me want to jump and skip and dance and sing

fantastic boxing to finish the week; two of us put in charge for the final drills and receiving lots of gratitude from the guys i coached


good wakeup, relaxed morning
clinic non-visit (i'll wait and see if my swollen gland is a serious problem or just a cold rather than wait two hours for nothing)
negative weather! excitement 

currently in starbucks waiting for the skate shop to open to see if they can sort out my bag...

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