Thursday, October 23, 2014



3am urine sample thinking it was closer to 7am. oops :(

cold, wet garbage day and fairly smooth lots-of-blood taking

decent morning
locked out of my account just before lunch
even it are laughing about their password policies
helping big junior
making good progress
early for university

two poets walk into a neuroscience symposium
als awareness - ptsd connection
clinical trial hopelessness
simple model with e. elegans giving hope - antipsychotic??
huntington's and witch burning

dry lips...
miso soup!
amazing salad!
explaining "conjointe" in english just doesn't sound as good


roger rabbit-like dreams trying to find safety in a video game landscape with minefields

slow to get up, chilled
pinched nerve AND bad shoulder, hurrah

unintentionally damping big junior's thunder because i'd already done the amazing thing he prototyped
sagirl / gd broken telephone headaches
good start but then blocked by craziness, figuring out just in time

leaving work early to wait half an hour  only to hear that all the planning headaches were for nothing and i could've gotten my hours in

lola rosa: brilliant meal if a bit pricey. managed to avoid darn

unity reunion tickets! and important resolutions...

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