Friday, October 10, 2014

drunk on a week whizzing by


shadowrun returns not noticing an hour fly by
a successful afternoon, ruined by insidiously difficult to find bugs
starbucks washroom desperation and remembering my reward *before* paying

totally awesome and desperately needed mic practice

mcc accompaniment and waxing political

vegan cookies! (freaky morning serendipity)

boondock saints and slam poetry


how the hell is it wednesday already?!
waking up in the dark to kitchen anguish, feeling what gd feels when i explode. planning for tonight's seether concert and strategizing for gd's work and health.

GREAT morning, although i could've done without forgetting my card again when it's raining. successful demo at a meeting!

if you take away the wind and the rain it's actually not a bad day outside - typed with freezing hands after walking far without a jacket

successful day
sasquatch catching me practicing performance
great seat, amazing montreal warmup (weird crowd) with crowdsurfing singing success

\m/ (>.<) \m/

... a "difficult" evening...
all's well that ends well


on skepticism and conspiracies, seether - fmlyhm underwear and system of a down

chilly but sunny

a long code review but a pleased boss
a long chat with mom in the supermarket
bitterly cold wind

what's better than huge complicated changes and realizing you haven't checked your code in after leaving the office? (o_O)
big junior's advice turned out to be exactly wrong

meeting sagirl at mont royal, too much alcohol... in only two beers?!

being a good boy and not playing shadowrun returns instead of getting a good night's sleep.

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