Tuesday, July 08, 2014

timing is everything

i just read an article on the rising trend of quitting, just as gd's at work facing off with her boss because he's not only been treating her unfairly but now he's interfering with her clients and assigning them to other staff. whatever game he's playing, it's costing her psychologically as well as physically, and she's reached the point where not dealing with him is as dangerous as dealing with him. he's a shameless bully, and gd's freaking out because she can't afford to lose her job nor keep a job that's not paying her.

it didn't help that the conversation about working with her friend that was supposed to take place yesterday was postponed until thursday...

meanwhile, i was really nervous when i called up my point of contact yesterday and was hugely relieved to hear that the background check has been cleared and that we should be expecting to get my permit authorized within the next week or two. i've been stressing like crazy for at least a month, and although i've finally reached the limits of my bank account i'm now quite confident that things are going to be alright.

that first salary, though? that's going to be the point at which i resume breathing properly. i'm just one paycheck away from being able to tell gd she can do what she wants. in the meanwhile, i have some playing to do with the technologies i've been studying.

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