Thursday, July 31, 2014

radiation scares

badger reposted this sad video about a young girl who got cancer.

it's always correct not to press electronics close to your body if they haven't been specifically cleared for that kind of thing, that doesn't mean wifi and cellphones are dangerous when used properly and there's no need for paranoia.
a lot of misinformation has been disseminated under the guise of science - one of the largest causes is discussed here:

if you're worried about radiation in general, a great (easy to scan quickly) guide to different levels of radiation is available here:

and if you're worried about microwaves... check out!

this is nothing more than sensationalist media doing their uneducated fear-mongering thing. it's a terrible story you posted... i don't wish cancer on anyone... but seriously? under her bra? that's clearly not smart.

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