Tuesday, June 03, 2014

where gender wars end frisbeer begins part ii

[... continued]

gd took me to midi 6 for breakfast, and i showed her how to use a swype keyboard. speaking of which... i've been considering how apple's playing political and thinking of switching to android. it would be easier if there weren't so many good reasons not to do so.

camino espresso is insanely, decadently delicious. seriously, i couldn't control myself.

after an indescribably good siesta, gd and i rushed off for more frisbeer (and watermelon, and perfectly ripe mangoes) with vfmp's brother and his girlfriend. after another beautiful afternoon, only darkened by my being hit in the thumb with another group's stray frisbee that continued to hurt for hours afterwards, we headed to godmother's for a wonderful dinner.

everything was pleasant except for a really stupid statement on uncle hate's part that i - even more stupidly - automatically responded to with a statement of fact. he simply repeated his initial dumb statement, godmother and i simultaneously repeated my statement, and this remained circular until i got a kick in the shin under the table from gd which stopped me just as uncle hate was finishing with "i don't even care" and i was repeating "and neither do i".


then yang arrived and talked shit to us for a while. gd pointed out that i'm constantly poking him. i explained that that's because i can't deal with the dumb.

we stopped at my place for me to shower and pick up some stuff, then returned to hers. we ate way too much ice cream because so delicious' creamy vanilla is practically impossible to put down, while watching dear mr. watterson. it's not such a good documentary but if you're a fan of the comic - like everyone is, apparently - it certainly does bring some added value. it made me want to buy a collection, as opposed to reading it relatively daily from a feed that makes it feel like the series is still going and messes with my head every time i read something i'm sure i've seen before.


oh, rls. not so bad, but certainly annoying.


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