Thursday, June 26, 2014

timing is everything

it's the tail end of a terrifying evening: gd's suffering agonizing pain, she's convinced me that there's no point in going to a hospital and we've got an osteopath and a doctor's appointment set for tomorrow anyway - but i'm feeling absolutely helpless and all i want to do is fix this somehow. at least the distress of the last couple of hours has calmed a bit.

the next few days i'm going to be under pressure to finish moving my stuff over because it looks like i've found someone to sublet for july! that's really cool, i'm now praying that she passes the credit check and signs the papers and that everything will be cool from that side of things. and to sweeten that, the guy i had coffee with a week or so ago has just informed me that he'll need a place in montreal for august, so that might lighten my load even further.

still freaking out about the job, the background check, the work permit. it never ends.

today was a disgusting day, and apparently it felt unpleasant for a lot of people. i spent it bringing laundry over from my apartment and doing it here, writing poetry scraps and working a little on my script. now i'm enjoying a fantastic salad while we watch another episode of the boondocks in defiance of the underlying panic.

i'm praying for a peaceful night.

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