Wednesday, June 25, 2014

rained in

oh, man - i just realized i forgot to replace my piercings after training and they're at my apartment :/

today was saint jean-baptiste's day, it's been raining almost non-stop since last night. it's a good thing i remembered what day it was *before* gd left for work! she had the day off and nobody thought to tell her.

we began the day with drama: gd's brother got a dog, and he's totally incapable of taking care of an animal. his pit bull has just become pregnant because he wasn't responsible enough to have her spayed. gd would've called the spca on him, but he's her brother so she's trying to convince him to have her litter aborted before a bunch of unwanted mixed-breed animals is born into a really shit situation.

you don't have to get a license to become a parent, but you need one to adopt. how come pets don't have at least the same level of protection?

we spent the morning cleaning, tidying and planning; i've reserved a u-haul for sunday and wire's agreed to help us with the heavy lifting.

we had plans for the afternoon, but instead i accidentally gave gd a piece of my favourite chocolate (torino mousse) without checking the ingredients and it contains hazelnuts, to which she's apparently deathly allergic. now i don't know if the quantities were small enough, or if the benadryl was taken quickly enough, but fifteen minutes later we'd stopped panicking and the epipen lay unused on the bathroom counter.


so basically both sunday and today saw one or the other of us being unintentionally stoned and spending the afternoon in bed...

... we had a good laugh when she eventually got up, and i learned that she has this thing about preparing tea up to 24 hours before she intends to drink it - something about infusion - and i've been assuming they're unwanted and throwing them out every time i do the dishes. oops!

i made some good comic script progress, then went off to the gym.


for the half an hour or so before the kickboxing class started i worked on the punching bags, and i felt tired and sweaty and weak. i began the class anyway, and was doing alright until the end of my sets, when i was too faint to complete the last kicks. i stopped before i fell over, and got a minute or two to recover so that i could at least hold the pads for my partner.

once his sets were done i was feeling much better, and i completed the class comfortably. we did impact at the end, and while i couldn't take it because of my neck i could certainly dish it out. my partner learned what "on target" means, i hit his solar plexus and liver perfectly every time and he was most disappointed to learn that he wouldn't be getting a chance to find mine. while we were discussing the unfairness for both of us i noticed that the guy working with my yoga instructor was having no luck figuring out where to hit her, so i went over to demonstrate.

she now understands what a liver shot is all about, and i managed to knock her down without applying any force!

it amuses me no end how excited she was when realization dawned :)
after class i took her to a punching bag and showed her precisely what i was doing, how she can do it easily and how to protect herself for next time. i then wrote a rather disturbing poem on the topic, and i've published it on the assumption that it's close enough to being finished.


baudry is a metro station where one shouldn't attempt to exit if one is intoxicated. the angles are interesting but they make one queasy and they're a lot of work to overcome.

the guy at subway was shocked by the time he was done with my sub and realized that i'd managed to put together a delicious, healthy meal: nine grain bread, falafel, all the salads and salt and pepper. what shocked me was that after ordering in french, he couldn't work out if i was francophone or anglophone when he decided to try telling me a joke. and *i* thought i'd botched things up :P

so vfmp and his boyfriend have taken to calling the starbucks in the village sbg. i joined them there for coffee with another friend of theirs, and we had a good time. vfmp was super-awkward with his jokes about his boyfriend and i getting married. as in, if i'd said the same kinds of things with gd we'd have a serious problem...

you know how when it's raining or has just been raining, and you drive past a pedestrian without slowing down and spray them with water?

you're a complete asshole. i wish every victim would suddenly and immediately develop superpowers, just so they could catch up to you, pry you out of your tin can and thump you until you never wanted to drive again.

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