Friday, June 20, 2014

looking back - part ii.2

[... continued]


i was feeling the pinched nerve a bit. i spent the morning re-installing, and was pleased to discover gd watching deathnote on netflix. i quickly picked up my french exam certificate, then took the crowded metro to my apartment. i was suddenly completely wiped out, and grateful for years in uniform because i crouched down in a corner and properly passed out without touching the floor.

a government envelope was waiting for me: immigration! i was so excited! but instead it was a cheque from the federal goverment for my tax refund. great, but not as great. i did some preparation for the job i'm praying i'm going to have soon, then got fantastic service at the bank. on my way out an exquisite beat hit my eardrums and i enjoyed a totally manic moment in spite of my pinching nerve.

boxing: breathless, and weak. our coach assigned me a new guy, and it was only afterwards that i realized that i'd been trying to teach a francophone who doesn't speak english using english numbers...
at least the pinched nerve was barely noticeable.

i walked out to a stunning sunset, watching contrails and wondering about something gd's conspiracy theorist friend had said. oh.

i was feeling particularly bad after training, and read that strep throat is contagious. did i have a fever?

i had no dinner plans, so i still had to shop before heading home. i made another amazing salad, watched death note with gd and slept the sleep of the dead.


definitely sick.

how lucky to be included as a recipient of an email from my alma mater to the company doing the background check!

the idiot representing my alma mater not only mispelled my name, but she forgot to mention my concentration. i can't believe i actually might lose my job because she's typically-israeli unprofessional.

optimism be hanged, gd and i started discussing worst-case scenarios and i talked to my mother about them too. hopefully everything will work out soon, because gd and i don't want to go anywhere. but if shit does fall apart, we're going to have to choose whether to go to tel aviv or to cape town. get married there, and then hang around for up to a year until we can come back and i can get a job.

that's really the long way around :(

weak and weary, i lay down on the couch and put on the 90's animated x-men series. the horror! the writing was so bad! it made me think about how much shoddy writing we accepted before the interets, even movies that i absolutely adore from that era demand a healthy does of suspension of disbelief. like the back to the future series.

gd gave me an excellent haircut. we had some serious shopping to do but we planned the evening terribly *and* were surprised by a message from rabbit informing me that i was late to a team meeting that i hadn't been aware of. gd flipped and that was the beginning of the second fight. the resolution was wonderfully cathartic and we watched the making of bad grampa before going to bed.

i've finally gotten all this down, i have a ton of dishes to do before i can have lunch and then i'm going to get busy with my list.


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