Saturday, June 28, 2014

first waking

i've been up for a couple of hours, primarily for an opportunity to have coffee with gd and make sure that she has breakfast; she never eats before work and it's been bothering me that her body doesn't get what it needs prior to the long, difficult days she has, so i prepared her a vegessential to go.

the coffee's beginning to wear off, so i'm going to get some more sleep :)

it's a petitions day, apparently.

i signed a petition yesterday and i'm hoping everyone who reads this will too: high seas protection. the free-for-all is killing us pretty quickly.

amazon oil drilling screws up indigenous tribes? this story's been going on for far too long :(

and speaking of indigenous people... canada has problems too. the petition's closed, though. i don't know if that's because they got enough signatures or gave up.

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