Thursday, May 22, 2014


okay, i need to rant quickly:

i train in tristar, one of the top fighting gyms in north america. i work pretty hard and i'm way below average.

it's one thing to see the occasional slacker, but there's this one kid... he's a teenager with no attention span who has a big, stupid mouth on him. he says such bizarrely dumb things and has such a bad attitude - i hear tell he's a bully at school, in spite of his lack of physical prowess - that if he wasn't less than half my size* i'd drag him into the ring and give him a good thumping.

* i mean to say that if he was my size or larger.

it hurts my brain trying to understand who's wasting their hard-earned cash on his dumb ass, because he's wasting his own time and whoever he partners up with. it's incredibly frustrating to share the same space as him.

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