Thursday, May 01, 2014

second chances

the job i interviewed for this afternoon is right next door, across the road from the gym. the company seems like a great place to work, i got a good vibe from them and the work itself would be an interesting challenge. i wouldn't be unhappy accepting an offer from them.

afterwards i came home to sort out my taxes. i was doing a wonderful job of developing a headache: vfmp's boyfriend had advised me to pay the amount due immediately but i couldn't register for revenu québec's online service. i called their support number and two different people told me two wildly different things, but either way it appears that i won't have an account until my returns are processed, and unless i have an account i can't give them any money. today's the deadline for filing, so that's kinda screwed up. fortunately they've extended the deadline by five days, and according to one of the agents that should be enough time for my account to be activated. it sounds suspiciously efficient, i guess we'll see.

i needed to be talked through putting the pages together - it fascinates me how user-unfriendly the forms are. they really shouldn't be, stupid people should be able to easily file their taxes too. just sayin'.

the weather was most appropriate for tax returns: it was miserable and wet the entire afternoon, breaking into a proper storm just after i finished at the post office. on my way there i was crossing the road and a couple of idiots had entered the intersection when it was full so a guy in a van was blocking the pedestrian crossing. as i began to go around the front he pulled forward a bit, making it even harder to cross, and i loudly said "you're a REAL asshole". that was the moment i registered that i was standing right in front of his half-opened window.

i glared at him meaningfully while i walked around the front of his vehicle. not very canadian of me. later someone would rush past me to cut through a red light. in the rain.



i picked up salad ingredients and rushed home to change and head off to boxing. i made it in time for the advanced class, actually managed to impress the coach, and afterwards joined the others for beginner's sparring. i've got a lot to learn, but i certainly did better than last time. any one you walk away from, right?

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