Friday, May 02, 2014

poetry in motion

gd arrived just as i finished posting last night, and we discussed the issue with pulse. it's abso-bloody-lutely wonderful to be able to talk things out properly! we'd both been uncomfortable since our earlier discussion and we're both feeling good about things now. i made dinner while we talked, and once that was ready we sat down to watch in pursuit of happyness.

what a horrible movie! no, i mean it's a great movie, and a horrible, horrible story. i realize it's essentially a true story, but a lot of gardner's decisions were painful to watch.


we seriously overslept but the sleep was soooo good... unfortunately, the first act of the morning was blowing my nose and apparently tearing tissue in my nostril. it's really hurting :(

i arrived a bit late for my appointment with clam. it's an immigrant organization that's government run, but has a definitive refugee feel to it. as in, it feels like it's run by refugees, for refugees. i wasn't comfortable with the fact that they took all of my personal info to open a file for me just to answer a couple of questions. and those answers were not answered satisfactorily: i called up the immigration lawyer afterwards to double check and she explained to me why i'd been steered wrong.

later i'd receive an email from the recruitment agency with a suggestion along the same lines as clam's... but i just got off the phone with immigration canada (after a half-hour on hold) and they told me that what the lawyer said was correct. oh, man.

so i've asked the recruitment agency to inform the employer that there might be a delay and we'll see what happens.

i'm less concerned about that than before before i got some good news - i passed the final interviews on tuesday! that's no guarantee of a job offer, but it's clearly positive and i'll hear back from them in a week. which should be more than enough time to figure out if this dream job is happening or not.

i went to cafe l'artère to meet with rabbit, and we spent an unpressured few hours talking, criticizing and collaborating. some of the moments we shared were surreal; a couple of works she recited put me were literally stunning. i got some very interesting feedback, and what we walked out with might well be good for the finals in two weeks!

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