Saturday, May 10, 2014

good hair - take two

one of the girls slamming on sunday posted a rant about offensive things that white people have said about her hair. a few of her friends commented about how ignorant white people are about black hair, and i typed up a response and then thought better about it. one of the reasons i withheld my opinion is because i'm not sure if i'm what they're complaining about (as in, white people in general) or if the issue is specifically with well-meaning-yet-misguided women (suggested by a few ambiguous statements).

but i do have something to say, and so here's where i'll say it:
speaking as white person... after watching "good hair" with chris rock, i was horrified at how much african americans invest in their hair. i come from south africa, where african hair is what it is, and just like every other race's hair, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not...

i'd never thought about black hair much before, but since i saw that documentary every single time i see a black woman with straight hair i wonder if it's hers, and feel sad for her just in case it isn't.
is that ignorant, or stupid of me? for not being able to tell, and for believing that everyone should take pride in what they've got?

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