Wednesday, May 14, 2014

big moments - part iii

[... continued]


after the slam we went back to gd's where she spoiled me with a delicious dinner and i played dragon coins while she watched from dusk till dawn; the series doesn't really appeal to me.


at 4.30am i got up with rls. it didn't last too long, but after i got back to sleep i had a horrible dream in which i was back in the army and falsely accused of sexual harassment. i was under investigation for something else (possibly unjustly), and so was unable to defend myself; i lost two ranks and more face than i could bear. i woke up in horror, unable to sleep comfortably afterwards.


i eventually got up with a blocked nose. AFTER the slam? couldn't we just agree, universe, that you'd screwed with me enough for one week?


it was a perfectly relaxing summer's day yesterday, the weather was beautiful and we had nothing on the to-do list aside from enjoying each other's company. we signed gd up for tristar's 20 classes for $20, which is awesome, then took some art supplies down to a park near gd's to practice; me with the calligraphy, gd with the i draw comics exercises.

we strolled to a perfect spot and took out the blanket just as the wind started up. it quickly went from annoying to unmanageable, and we soon had to get up and go. thanks, not-winter. you're awesome :/

it wasn't too chilly to go to the gym without a second layer, so that was nice at least. boxing was excellent! the assistant coach was my partner for most of the class, the work was good but adjusting to him being a southpaw was a bit tricky with the more complicated combos. when it came to impact, though, our kickboxing instructor - who'd joined the class - didn't have a partner so i volunteered to work with him. he hurt me a few times, but i walked off with my head held high.

the final exercises were too much for me, though - my blood pressure dropped dramatically as i hit the last set and i had to sit down and chow a protein bar to reset.


i did some quick shopping afterwards, carrying the bags home with difficulty. i slowly made us dinner, and we settled down to watch rick and morty at scrapper's suggestion.


gd woke up with a sore back and we had some resulting drama, but we got her together enough to go to get treated. i spent the time getting odds and ends done, and she returned feeling much better. we were both exhausted and spent the rest of the day resting, and got up a while ago so that i could finish posting and she could watch spiderman 3. i warned her it was bad. it took her about half the movie to give up herself.

i've recently realized that the vitamin d tablets i bought were sublingual. surprise! i didn't know they came in sublingual form. i wonder if i haven't been getting enough because i've been taking them like regular tablets...

giger is dead. there goes another great man. one of my favourite artists and inspirations.

rest in peace. or in the perpetually weird world which you tried to make real for us.

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