Friday, April 04, 2014

ce n'est pas correct

what a waste of a day. or at least it feels that way, but hopefully i'm totally wrong...

the first meeting didn't go well because i spoke in english. i need to start speaking in french. like, all the time. towards the end i discovered that they'd been responsible for placing megaman and one of our contractors, and when she mentioned the former's name i got this sinking feeling... not for any particular reason, but there you go.

i came home desperate for the remains of last night's chana sandwich and to rest unencumbered by nice clothing and go through some c++ refresher material. oh, i know all that. nothing's changed. why do i feel uncomfortable, then?

the concern turned out to be for nothing, though, because the recruiter i spoke to was shocked to discover that my work permit is closed and, in what sounds to me like "reverse logic", has informed me that finding permanent work in my position is unlikely. wtf?!
so i left their plush offices feeling a bit depressed. but screw that, whatever. i can't do better than my best.

at least - aside from the breeze - the weather's been really nice today. after i'm done with laundry and clearing my head a bit (by testing the new shadowrun online update, studying and resting a bit) i'm going out on a date with another girl. and hoping that the first girl responds positively to the message i just sent her.

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