Wednesday, March 26, 2014


i just discovered two very cool things:

1. it's great that i wrote down all my french exam score details, because i just looked through them again and realized that the one thing that i got right is oral expression! i was too stressed out by the other results to register that... it means that i only have to retake the listening exam, the evil computerized one. so while i'm going to keep working on my expression by talking as much as possible, my primary focus can be watching french movies, listening to the radio and continuing to read harry potter. i've had the results for two days now and i've finally just relaxed about them :)

2. i just stumbled across something online that states unequivocally that the guy from my boxing class is right, i won't need to re-apply for a caq... which means that anyone who wants to employ me will only have to wait three weeks instead of two months. excellent!!!

i wrote something complicated yesterday and got so stuck into debugging it that i didn't notice the hours fly by - suddenly it was 6.30pm and i rushed off to the gym for kickboxing. it's weird that winter conditions are still on but the gym is lit by the evening sun as if it were summer already. i like this!

the class was excellent, i was really careful not to take any damage to my ankle because i was planning on going snowboarding today. right after the class i kicked one of the big bags a couple of times, and i think i clipped something weird (the bag might be damaged) because i got agonizing pain for my troubles... oh, man :(

i headed to p.m. for their glorious general tao tofu, and i got up about an hour later completely stuffed and ready for bed. i'd told vfmp that i'd come over for a bit, but as i approached the exit of his metro station i realized that with waiting for the bus i'd only be able to be there for about fifteen minutes... sod that, in that state i simply turned around and caught the next train home.

i got up at 5am but really wasn't feeling the snowboarding vibe. i wasn't 100% certain of my leg and i must've spent about twenty minutes just contemplating my decision to stay in - on the one hand, i always regret missed opportunities but on the other, if i'm not in the mood i guess i'm not in the mood. besides, if i'd gone i might not have made the aforementioned discoveries so soon :P

while my leg is definitely feeling better, my nose is a bit tender. at first i thought it was from my training partner hitting me in the face with the thai pads every now and again. he's a big guy and rather aggressive, so while i wasn't happy that he took me by surprise the incentive to get out of his way was pretty high and after a couple of swipes landed i actually made an effort to evade.
now i think the tenderness is simply from me still having to blow my nose a lot.

i can't wait for real spring and hay-fever season to begin :/

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