Tuesday, March 04, 2014

easy like a monday morning

well, i'm feeling sensitive today! i just watched another couple of episodes of freaks and geeks and i'm totally in. it's been light and fun, sometimes a little off, but overall its characters are absolutely wonderful and their development is sneakily subtle.

i woke up this morning from epic dreams in a final fantasy world. odd mountains and oceans and guns and magical creatures. very cool.

i woke up this morning to an sms from sq telling me about a french movie i should watch that reminded her of me. i just saw the trailer for it, it looks interesting. i wonder what the connection is?

the first thing i did when i got up, as i knew i needed to go outside, was check the weather app. apple ui fail: i accidentally pressed on the temperature and discovered that THAT'S how to get all the details! why would i intentionally press on the temperature?! it's a display, with no indication to the contrary. if you can tap somewhere to get more detail then it should be clear. or there should be a tutorial.

i felt horrid on my way out, kinda dizzy. as if friday night's events hadn't totally finished with me... but it was gorgeous out, minus the evilly cold wind. i came across a postal van decorated with superman: so they think superman's 75th birthday is cool enough to celebrate with stamps? when i was a kid and stamp collections were a thing, i never saw this coming :)

i drew the cash i needed, so suspicious that the machine hadn't given me everything because all the notes were so new that the wad felt too thin. i looked around to make sure i was alone and quickly counted next to the machine, which is something i know not to do. nothing bad happened, but i still felt ashamed.

i was on my way to walmart when i recalled the homeless pirate and suddenly the comment i made then concretized. as of now i'm only going to refer to toonies as "doubloons". or "doubloonies", at a push. and it makes enough sense that everyone will get it, just like everyone calling the two shekel coin "shnekel" (shne is "two" in hebrew).
ooh, an opportunity to share stephen fry making a marvellous point about being a guardian of language.

i was freezing by the time i walked into walmart, the wind being bitter and mean. my mission was simple, i found thick glass cups quickly and easily, loaded up on some builder bars and then headed out to subway for lunch. or second breakfast. what the hell?! it really is only my local subway that doesn't do falafel. bastards!

when i got home, i paid my rent and finally sorted out the piles of papers that have been accumulating over the past month. i found my caq... which appears to be locked in to my previous employer. oh, shit. maybe it doesn't matter. whatever.

i plugged in my leap motion controller and tried getting the sample code to run - i thought it was broken, but it needs to be set up in a specific way that's not explained in a readme file. why not?!

i went shopping before heading out to the french meetup as a pretext to acquire laundry coins. the experience was efficient but i forgot the damned coins, and it was so bloody cold...

the meetup was cool. by the time i arrived both tables were full, and beginners were being tutored on both sides of me. at least there were oreos. i forced a conversation with the guy across from me, but he gave up at some point, and shortly after the guy next to me took a break from tutoring and we started talking. he's slightly more advanced than i am, but we had stuff to talk about which was nice. i ran through one of the canned role playing exercises with someone else, and overall i think it was a good experience.

i also found out about tv5.org, which godmother had been telling me about. nice!

i've been reviewing a friend of mine's book pre-publishing, it's a pdf on my kindle. so... i've finally found a use for highlighting things :P

boxing: i've become one of the guys, it appears. and i don't think the girl said anything to the coach about my dancing. i was partnered with an older woman who's been allowed to join the advanced class but needs a ton of work to get up to speed... i'm starting to sense a pattern, a flattering one in which i'm the goto guy for technique. i was happy to do it, though it didn't give me much opportunity to practice. fortunately, nobody minded switching partners for impact and i went with a guy who hits pretty hard. after that, a sparring partner i haven't seen since the beginning of winter returned and i joined him and a buddy of his for muay thai in the octogon.

i was completely gassed by the end of the last round with them, i'd gone three or four and my left leg and foot are quite banged up. i would've preferred being better than "you're much better", i certainly wasn't in control and there were a few times when i just stood in front of my opponent and took punishment - having said that, it wasn't bad at all and i'm really glad we're back in action :)

army brat came past as we were finishing up and i harassed her about her technique. i tried to work with her on one of the bags, and suddenly realized that her punching and kicking is completely irrelevant in light of the issues she has with her stance. i love figuring out the causes! our coach laughed when he saw the exercises i was making her do, exercises i had to do for taekwondo thirteen years ago that made a world of difference. once we'd established what her homework was, i was ready to head home.

after showering, i finally went back onto the dating site and got back on the horse. pulse has been relegated to "miss february", and it's march now. after that, i discovered that the slam on sunday is only going to be two rounds. oh, shit! well, i'm prepared for four, and while it's usually not easy to cut pieces i knew exactly which had to be relegated to the following event.

brainbug - nightmare came on on my way to the french meetup, and i daydreamed about the first time i heard it. i was about to write about it when i realized that i may have done that before. oh gods, i'm repeating stories on my blog, just like i do in real life. oh, no...

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