Thursday, January 30, 2014

sugar and spice

why do the heavy thoughts tend to weigh on me when i'm lying in?

my state of mind on my way to the gym this morning can be well described by informing you that i went in to the locker room to put on my cup and only then realized that i'd forgotten to put on fighting shorts. i kinda felt like kelso.

it was jiu-jitsu day, and vfmp taught me about single leg x guard. that's a lot of work! it wasn't just tough on my legs, hips and cardio, but there was an unfortunate moment when he was demonstrating something and torqued my busted ankle. so much for being careful :(

we ate lunch at basha; i don't see the excitement, it's crappy middle eastern food. it seems that the only place that gets it right in montreal seems to be la pantere verte...

i hadn't ingested caffeine all day, so i made myself tea before settling down with the wonderful copy of les aventures de sherlock holmes that vfmp brought me, each page facing its translation. the caffeine didn't have much effect, and i passed out for a couple of hours.

i woke up, read some more and then got ready for a date. i kept thinking about how unfortunate it is to be on a date; you have to play it cool, but not so cool they'll think you're uninterested. what a mission!
i arrived just on time, she was a few minutes late. the music was too loud and the old buzzard at the table next to me kept grinning and waving at me while shouting "pas de l'eau! pas de l'eau!" - so i ordered a glass of water and then my date rocked up before i could finish it and decided that we should try the bar across the street.

she's beautiful, and has such a wonderful laugh that i felt privileged to have been able to keep it going for a while! after drinks, we took the metro in the same direction for a couple of stops, and the goodbye was so abrupt that i'm not sure she's interested in pursuing :(
at least it was an enjoyable evening :)

downton abbey is making me emotional.

george carlin: back in town is, in my opinion, the best show he ever did.

i've had a serious case of the munchies all day. what the hell from?!

my feet may have looked better a couple of weeks ago, more civilized, but now they're hurting after training and winter dryness. my missive to my mom on the matter:
thanks a bunch for your interference with my hippie feet. i've been back in training for two weeks, my feet not only look "bad" again (i don't have a problem with them like this) but they're now perpetually hurting because my layers of protection have been ripped away.
i told you so.

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