Thursday, November 21, 2013

mass celebration!

i have consistently been 91 kilos for a few days now! i'm very excited ^_^

on a related note, tonight's training was pretty cool - i wasn't great during muay thai (although the quick taekwondo demonstration a couple of us did at the end was a lot of fun) but boxing was awesome. at first i could barely raise my arms, but at some point something clicked and my punches felt soooooooo good, like my arms were tightly wound springs! i hope that stays...
i worked with a guy who's an absolute animal, a real powerhouse and i had to teach him which punches to relax in order to increase his responsiveness and maintain momentum. i was feeling very proud of myself until we did body sparring with each other and he showed me what he thought of my earlier lesson by repeatedly driving his fists into my upper arms as well as my gut. that's one heck of a way to make friends :(
i did impact training with the dangerous girl again, and it was a lot of fun - i took it better even if she did properly knock me down towards the end; i managed to hit her hard without hurting her this time, although there were a couple of unfortunate misses because she's all hips and breasts.


i was smart enough to avoid weight training afterwards :P

i got really lucky this morning because there was enough space to do homework on the metro - i simply ran out of time before i had to leave the apartment.
the weather? beautiful. a sunny minus five and i had to exercise maximum control to not sing along at top volume to tool.

the french class was comfortable and amusing, and during the private lesson later it became apparent that there's a vast improvement in my pacing. we even had a meta-discussion about french particles! it involved some confusion and lots of repetition, but my half hour just flew by and i was actually a little disappointed :P

before lunch i did a quick walmart run to pick up creatine and b12 tablets, on the way home i was stressed by another opus card fail when i thought that the train was coming and the guy ahead of me at the info booth was asking for complicated directions that weren't metro-related. the israeli in me was jumping up and down and i was feeling bad for not having the patience to wait my turn. which i ended up having to do anyway.

online dating: i sent a message to an apparently beautiful and interesting girl and she responded by informing me that my profile made it look like i didn't really care. huh! i made a bit more effort to change that, but it's possible it's just a subconsciously executed expression of how awkward online dating makes me feel.

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