Monday, November 18, 2013

big weekend equals sore smiles

there's not much that feels better than a hot bath after a day on the slopes ^_^


on thursday night i went to bed with a headache again. i took tylenol and it relaxed enough for me to sleep, but it returned later. that plus a temperature spike to six degrees celsius plus our building's heating saw me waking up hot, sweaty and not in the best of moods.

then i, half asleep, fired up penny arcade's gamers vs evil to take my turn and i deleted my best card by accident; there's no undo feature, i was really unhappy :(

french class: i was asleep at the wheel. i did have a proud moment where i realized that the voir / avoir / savoir and prendre / apprendre / comprendre share a relationship that makes them easier to remember: first you see, then you take, then you have, then you learn, then you know and finally you understand.

bone: there's been a definite reading improvement, i've been re-reading from the beginning and getting very comfortable. bone was definitely a good choice!

i rushed home to look for my x-ray referral. you know that weird moment when being too well organized leaves you in complete disarray? i'd put it in a convenient place and proceeded to search everywhere else :S

the x-ray procedure was simple and efficient and it turns out i don't have pneumonia. i had a long wait for a doctor (it was a good opportunity for a nap, i think i needed that) who then sent me to another doctor who decided that unless i want to try codeine i should see a specialist. so i'm doing that on tuesday and hoping that they will have some idea of how to fix this labored breathing bullshit.

the bus back to the metro took forever to arrive (should have walked) and then i remembered that it was rush hour and the metro made me feel a bit claustrophobic.

i didn't have energy for training or for housekeeping so i finally gave myself a rest. during that rest i was invited to a big sports bar to watch with a bunch of other tristar guys and gals, so we agreed to join forces and suddenly we had reservations! very cool :)

in 2012 there were two snow white movie remakes. while i enjoyed both mirror, mirror and snow white and the huntsman, it wasn't nearly as much as i did the first two episodes of once upon a time. it reminds me of the alice miniseries even if it's a little less jaw-to-the-floor.

on my way to vfmp i sat down next to the elbow tugger on the bus and we had a pleasant conversation. i'll still be avoiding him in the gym, though.

we enjoyed a couple of great games of carcassonne and i *just* caught the last bus home.


i finally got around to sorting out papers and dishes and other stuff that's been bugging me for a while, put some more work into my poetry and played zork. achieved a personal best, too! (i've always been quickly eaten by a grue, this time i did stuff :P)

i spoke to my toronto cousins and we discussed a possible visit within the next couple of weeks, after which i walked to the starbucks to work on my comic script. first, walking through a quiet neighbourhood in the sparkling sunlight - it was ten degrees and somehow, even with a cool breeze, it still felt like how i remember cape town summers used to be. second, i finished translating my sketches into a proper script and finally moved on to the next chapter. it's so exciting working with someone who will read my text and completely handle the illustration!

on my way to the other supermarket: an elderly couple, both bent over with age and she was guiding her blind partner to cross against the light on an intersection with heavy traffic (O_o)

i was in a hurry to get to bnw's so i picked up a falafel subway and ate half while walking and half while riding the metro (i could have said subway). i waited on the second eating, though, because the first car i stepped into was filled with little kids screaming and a bunch of other passengers eating food with aggressively loud smells.

i was pleasantly surprised to find myself arriving precisely on time, perfect metro timing! unfortunately, the other metro line was having trouble so fcmg came much later. the great news is that bnw and fcmg got along famously ^_^

i couldn't stay longer than our scheduled time because i had to get to the sports bar... the place was packed and i was disappointed to learn that our reservation was in the smoking section. also, our screen was teasing us by coming alive for only a few seconds at irregular intervals, so we had to watch ones further away :S

i was also disappointed when vfmp and his boyfriend arrived and they'd had dinner without me (not according to plan), so i was the only one who hadn't eaten and all i could go for were french fries and onion rings. which was fine until vfmp's boyfriend informed me that the onion rings weren't vegan.
well, they weren't exactly healthy anyway. at least i got a good baked potato off the menu.

on another note, our waitress was also tristar which was awesome :P

the fight night itself wasn't great. three of the main card fights bugged me: first, evans did not look satisfied with his win. i realize that he didn't really want the fight, but still... second, watching mcdonald not doing anything was painful and gsp vs hendricks? well, if you've been hiding under a rock then SPOILER ALERT: i agree with the outcome, i don't that anybody was robbed. but neither of the two really won, to be fair, and that's extremely disappointing. they were both fighting defensively and we should expect more from champions. it occurred to me that at some point george "rush" st pierre became plain old george st pierre. he's still awesome, but i was upset every time he connected and then let hendricks reset. if he'd kept pressing forward i'm confident he would've kicked his ass... massive injuries or no massive injuries.


late to bed and early to rise... i got ready pretty quickly, a friend (icarus) picked me up and we headed off to saint sauveur for the day.
shock number one: $300 for a locker for the season?! sod that. i'll keep getting some exercise.
shock number two: my feet were really hurting me and eventually i decided to bite the bullet and toss $20 to rent boots. i was busy filling out the form when one of the guys who works there pulled me aside and showed me that almost all snowboard boots have insteps. i removed my insteps and they immediately fit well. sorted! and for free :P

i spent the day getting progressively more comfortable, by the end i'd returned to decent form and had some really good rides through the moguls.

we stopped for lunch at the worst possible time, because as we were finishing it began to rain. we stopped at the bar for a pint after which i decided that i HAD to go out for one or two last runs - that was a sodding good idea! [see what i did there? i returned sodden.]

the ride back in the rain combined with the music he was playing to put me to sleep. i wanted to buy a rammstein album when i got home but either apple or my bank have screwed up the billing somehow :(
after bathing and watching once upon a time and some fights, i went shopping and started blogging. now that i've covered the weekend, it's late and i haven't even looked at my homework. i'm bombed. and very, very pleased with how this weekend went.

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