Thursday, August 01, 2013

punctures and rls

i went to bed late, slept well, and woke up with my neck and back in spasm. the hell?! i managed to stretch out enough to be functional, but i was severely uncomfortable. fortunately it was wellness wednesday! we didn't have a massage therapist but we did have an acupuncturist. i think it helped a bit, but even if it didn't the excuse to rest was welcome and definitely made me feel better.

the last couple of days have seen my restless leg syndrome firing up, i'm drinking tonic water but it's not doing the trick. i wonder if it might not just be the lack of foot support now that i'm wearing flip flops all the time...

a forgotten note from tuesday: i was wearing my "follow me until you die" persuadertron shirt and some old geezer behind me in a queue came up to tell me he was having trouble reading my shirt.
"it says die," i informed him.
i think he was hoping it didn't. i felt sorry for him, so i raised my voice over everyone else to say "it basically means forever".


hah! i recharged my metro pass because i thought it was the first of the month. i really hope i didn't send that money into a sinkhole. i'll find out in the morning...

the workday began on a terrible note, as the core scrum took place without me even though i specifically told the lead to wait. as i said to the new project manager, if you want to reduce my responsibilities go ahead, but who's going to handle the technical side of our development? it took half a day for someone in that scrum to report an issue that urgently needed my input.

but you know what? someone else's problem. i'm not stressing over that shit. i'm not paid enough to fight everyone else's higher-salaried bad decisions.
oh, that reminds me. megaman gave me very bad information and jeopardized my options package. i can't be sure it wasn't on purpose, but i'll be kind and think of it as incompetence.

perhaps it was my attitude, but the day felt slow. i followed it up with a hardcore boxing class, i was sore and weak but i gave it my all. for some of the drills i was really proud of myself! specifically the final one, we were working speed and power on the punching bags and i, like everyone else, was wasted by the last minute. all we had to do was one-two as fast as we could until the instructor called "time", and i got my head together and really nailed it.

oh, i paid for that afterwards, but it was totally worth it.

note to self: guru versus rockst*r? guru just doesn't cut it. i need caffeine and i need all the other stuff as well.

i managed to do laundry even though i went into overtime, made another huge salad (tomorrow will be the last one like that) and watched an episode of full metal alchemist. now, without further ado, i'm going to bed because i'm tired...

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