Saturday, May 18, 2013


and i don't mean the power of shakespeare, although i have some of that, too.

yesterday was a very relaxed friday. in addition to all my usual distractions, i had one job to do and that was to get one of the previous interns' projects to work. now that i've finally gotten it fixed, i find myself even more disturbed by this third year engineering student's complete lack of logic. also, he overcomplicated everything. but i suppose that can be put down to a lack of experience.

happy hour was quite funny and a little embarrassing; one of the guys (imperieux) had just enough to drink that he hopped up to play on the piano. this was funny, although he was actually quite good, but embarrassing because there were plenty of other patrons and pianos don't have volume controls. one girl had to move away to continue her skype conversation... i felt partially responsible.

after we were done, jock, newk'd, imperieux and i made use of our cafeteria pool table for a couple of hours. jock introduced us to cutthroat when newk'd left, which was so much fun that i was overjoyed when i won the final game. jock joked about me being a bad winner, which did shame me a little...

anyway, after a really enjoyable evening i returned home, made dinner and tried to decide if i was going to hit a trance party downtown. eventually i figured that it would be better to rest just a little bit more, because i really want to be in fighting shape as soon as possible!


i woke up around 7am this morning, and i'd slept enough. i finished reading chris beckett - dark eden and i cannot praise it enough! i'm now ready to face a day wherein i see a couple of movies that i'll regret not seeing on the big screen...

on my way home i was thinking about the possibility that my feeling horrible this past week might well have been a purely psychological thing. the demotivation from work hit me hard, and i shouldn't be letting bullshit get under my skin.

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