Thursday, May 02, 2013

speed report

it's impossible to maintain the intended tone of this post because i've just discovered that neither of my posts from last night were published - the first i've just published now, the second appears to have disappeared completely. so beginning with the missing post:

i went downstairs to move my laundry to the tumble-dryer, and found that somebody had opened the top halfway through and all my laundry was wet. angry, i began wringing out my soaked clothing before suddenly realizing that the washing machine might still recall its cycle state. i threw my clothes in again and closed the lid. it worked!

and then the caretaker appeared to shout at me for doing laundry after 10pm. i told him i had no idea that this was an issue*, and he pointed at some marks on the door and explained to me that they're the remains of a sign that stated the rules explicitly.


he told me he'd make an exception this one time and go and explain to my neighbours who'd complained. convinced that some bastard would mess with my shit, i came down a few times to check that everything was alright, which was entirely unnecessary stress.

* aside from once or twice, i've always done my laundry around midnight. i can't do it in the morning because i'd never get to work on time, and i usually only get home late. odd how nobody's complained until now.

funny story: so i'd never paid attention to how loud the machines are, and for the first time i noticed that the rumbling was audible all the way up the stairs. by the time i entered my apartment it had become a low hum, which i supposed would put me to sleep but could conceivably annoy someone used to total silence.

so i noted that noise every time, only when i finally took out my laundry and walked up the stairs... the rumbling was still there. and when i entered my apartment, the humming was still there. so the laundromat isn't audible from the first floor. screw these assholes!

beats, rhymes & life: the travels of a tribe called quest was interesting, certainly, but not much fun. after seeing something from nothing: the art of rap i was totally disappointed. ice-t did it better.

i'd trained hard and i'd had an aggravating evening, and i was exhausted by the time i climbed into bed.

i woke up this morning feeling good and refreshed! still not 100% health-wise, but definitely improving. and i'm certainly feeling better on my training - i haven't felt such a marked change in physique in about a decade!

weather? SUMMER IS HERE. properly. today was gorgeous, hot and sunny. which makes the dress code thing even more of a thing: everyone's got bloody weird ideas about how "normal" people are supposed to dress, so when megaman and all the other developers say "wear whatever you want" and aota says "sure, but that still means button shirts" and my mother says "don't wear your normal clothes", i'm left feeling super-awkward about dressing down *and* i'm uncomfortable with the clothes i'm wearing. so this is lose-lose regardless, so shouldn't i at least be comfortable?

this sucks.

i got a fair amount of work done today, some training too, and what seemed like an eternity of sensitive retroactive svn tagging: i had to keep reminding myself to blink :(
good news - the new interns seem to have their shit together! very cool :)

i left early to go with aota and newk'd to walmart to pick up a couple more sports shirts, paid my rent, bought new 16oz boxing gloves, gave up trying to find out what "vylar" leather really is, rested a bit, chatted with my mum (very positive news from both sides ^_^), and hit the gym.

today's boxing lesson was exciting and edifying! important take-away: my insides are soft, squishy and a lot more easily accessible than i thought. next on the list: when i land a liver shot, it does precisely what it's supposed to }:D

the most amusing incident was working with a guy who realized that i know nothing about "dancing", and he proposed that the instructor teach me a bit.

instructor: "fuck it - he's mma."
me: "hey! but i want to learn how to dance!"

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