Monday, May 13, 2013

revisiting: wednesday

i'm splitting these up. it's been a crazy week. it's 2am on a monday morning and moonlighter and i just decided to call it a night...


it's crunch time, and moonlighter and the cto are working nights so why shouldn't the rest of us? what's a couple of hours of sleep time?


three 'n one - reflect and cj stone - in your mind were part of a good start to a sunny morning.

i settled in to get focused, but ccl was bothering me. she keeps forgetting her passwords. this time, on a system where we don't have a method of resetting a password... that blew only five minutes of real time while i figured it out, but an eternity of aggravated time...

after ccl there was a general state of madness. a few of us had lunch at l'artere and aota and i somehow ended up discussing my previous relationships, which somehow led to a discussion about work incentives, unemployment, skills training and career switching which i believe deserves a post of its own.

i wasted some time and totally lost my cool because our wiki refused to accept "/etc" in the document text: at first i was lucky because i'd copied all the text to the clipboard before previewing because i'd written a lot... but while trying and failing repeatedly i got distracted and at one point pressed "save" having overwritten the clipboard data... i was *very* grateful when pressing "back" had the desired effect of restoring all my text.

i decided i needed to block out the world, and blasted good trance with my headphones on. it totally worked! except for one incident when an intern came to ask me a question and laughed at me because i was completely absorbed in what i was doing but dancing in my chair at the same time. the blockout, however, was a great success! i was really excited about having migrated to amazon cloud services even though everything else was going to shit. that's when i decided to take my leave.

i stopped to pick up shirts at walmart, and the queue was really slow. i was upset because i had to shop before doing laundry so that i could put the shirts in, but by shopping first i wouldn't have time to do laundry before training. on the way home it struck me that as long as i can put my things in the dryer before i leave, i can pick them up afterwards... i just need to confirm each time with the caretaker that nobody's going to throw away my clothes.

boxing was killer, and my arms felt properly overworked. enough that i'd be concerned about over-training... i watched it crowd over a huge dinner, found myself entirely incapable of working and went to bed.

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