Tuesday, May 14, 2013

revisiting: thursday

i'm splitting these up. it's been a crazy week.


the extra half hour's sleep was perfect! i woke up curious about overtraining, but considering that i'm still feeling good after training (even if i'm completely exhausted) i don't think i'm quite there yet.

it was my uncle's birthday on thursday. what's a good birthday gift for an uncle one doesn't get along with? does laughing at his inappropriate jokes count? k-twang's response to my question made me laugh: "one of those bags people without colons use... with a feedbag attachment". a rather literal take on a figure of speech our uncle is wont to use :P

things vegans in training get excited about: jsk pumpkin snacks. delicious (like peanut brittle), high protein and better value for money than dairy protein bars? no way!

i was asked to interview another guy who's worked with megaman before, and i was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of common ground. not just experience-wise, but attitude-wise as well. how many rollerbladers are we going to have in one office?

out of three interns, two are excellent. one is... well, he's certainly better than any of the previous ones, but his english isn't very good and he makes bad calls.

moonlighter's gifts just keep on giving: it's like he created our database with a book in hand explaining all of the mistakes one can make, just so that he wouldn't miss any. once i'd dealt with one of the issues i felt like i was running away to train as opposed to running to training.

jiu jitsu was hardcore, i was with a guy who's twice my size and not much more than half my age who spent most of the session patiently explaining what i was doing wrong. unfortunately, it took until the end of the session to really start getting it, but there was definite progress made :)
and lots of sweating done.

kickboxing was rough - though not as rough as tuesday - and i returned home broken and in need of a rest. i was appalled at my inability to finish my dinner: i knew i needed it but i couldn't swallow another bite! i felt awful turfing the last bit out :(

i didn't want to but i really had to work on thursday night. it involved collaborating with moonlighter, and he was much more pleasant to work with than usual. we got through the urgent stuff in about two hours, and it didn't take me long to fall asleep after that.

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