Tuesday, May 21, 2013

patriotic days

today was patriot's day, and i'm pretty happy that it made for a long weekend. i've just watched an episode of death note after experiencing a surprise breakthrough with my comics and thesis, and i'm definitely ready for bed so i'm going to try to get through this post as quickly as possible.


studying for the driver's (not that i'm worried, but it'd be nice to be fully confident) has made correcting my eyesight a little more urgent. so i've now contacted two clinics to see what they're about.

i had to wait days to register for my medical insurance website because they send your details in the mail, even though they're details you already have. it's very bureaucratic. i then waited a few days more because i never had the time or energy to log in and sort my shit out. until yesterday! i registered successfully, but then it wouldn't accept the password that i'd just entered and i'm now locked out of my account.


i caught pg for a chat and i felt bad afterwards because she sounded miserable by the end of a call that was essentially me asking her to help me out with my apartment. fortunately the emails she sent today were more positive, i really don't want to antagonize her. [whoops! i totally forgot her birthday today. *sigh*]

i spent a fair amount of time studying french; i should be a daily thing but i never get that right :(

note to self: soft tofu is a menace and not worth the effort required to handle it. it's amazing how it can flop precisely where you don't want it to every single time.

i thought i was feeling better, but i woke up from a short nap feeling like death. in a trance i hurried to meet up with horseman. there was a guy in the metro planking at the end of the platform. a few people were staring and laughing, he didn't let up until the train came. i thought about strolling up beside him and joining him, wondering if a chain would form, but it was highly probable that he'd find my intrusion offensive.

the afternoon at cagibi was great, nocence joined us, and later we moved to her place to discuss poetry and hip-hop at length. aside from my suddenly beginning to feel horrible, on my way out nocence and i had a gross misunderstanding that was related to my being partially aspie.
"that's the sort of thing you have to tell people upfront if you want to collaborate with them!"
umm. maybe? it's not something i think about all the time.

the night was post-rain and cool, with cool city rain smells.


i woke up still feeling awful, but i went through the motions of doing laundry anyway. once i was done i checked to see if my clinic would be open (it was a holiday). they would! i headed down there to see a doctor because i've been feeling bad for almost two weeks. and those issues i went for last time still aren't resolved...

... so i arrived there and it was closed. closed, closed, closed. wtf?! i headed back to the metro and found myself on the train going in the wrong direction. i decided to go with it and head to the picnik electronik to pick up my season pass, stopping for food along the way.

i began to overheat and sweat bullets while the red cross dude spoke to me about donations; i started to worry that i had a fever. i guess i didn't? i introduced myself to chez geek, who do boardgame pick-ups every thursday evening, then walked into commensal. it was a little confusing at first, but overall i like the place and the food was decent and decently vegan. i had an issue with my "live" tea - some weird woo thing, i guess - which seemed to be infused with vigor every time i tried to unscrew the cap. i got the impression that it was trapped and trying to escape, and it took me most of ten minutes before i could get the cap off and drink it. by that time my hands were sticky with the short bursts that i didn't manage to catch :P

i entered the street illegally just as i noticed a policeman standing on the other side, and tried to pull off nonchalance as i continued to cross. no matter, he was about to jay-walk too :P

i've come to the conclusion that i get much more done with my comics over coffee in a coffee shop environment. i'm very excited about today's starbucks progress ^_^

i arrived early for the picnik without a picnic, and just sort of milled around for a while. i used the opportunity to send an introductory email to a great artist that nocence wants me to work with, and i hope it entices him to meet me!

the music was a bit crap at first, but it got progressively better. eventually i removed my shoes and got a bit dirty, i was surprised to recognize a girl from the last time (in 2010) and i saw yang for a couple of minutes before i disappeared. it was on my way out that aota's daughter's friend walked in with someone else; i didn't recognize her (she looked better than i remembered) and she said hi but didn't stop. which i found weird considering that aota had messaged me last night to say that she wanted to meet me there...


right, past time for bed. as usual.

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