Wednesday, May 29, 2013

google fails

let's start with the blogger app that i used for my last post, that refuses to post here and sends things to my poetry blog instead:
map fail - the big one
ooooh! it was all a horrible google maps mistake. i wondered why the clinic didn't have the same name, and now i know why the website was off: maps + streetview sent me to an unrelated clinic across the street.

i guess it's a totally private walk-in clinic and that that's why it cost me so much money to be seen. now to find out if that's why the waiting time was bearable, too.
so to continue on that thread, no. the waiting time was much less and the doctor was thorough and has a great bedside manner. i appreciated it even more when i realized that he wasn't referring to my tattoo as a disease. [apparently i have a skin condition that's called a disease but most likely doesn't mean anything]

the first part of the day was a major headache; the "misinterpreted" upgrade by imperieux saw the two of us spending an inordinate amount of time being extra-careful about integration. at least by the end of the day we were happy with everything, but that first part had me running out of the office for the lunch break just to get away.

megaman and i are no longer the only people on "our side" concerned by the cto's blatant disregard for everything we've been working towards and his apparently inability to play with others. my mother, bless her, griefed me for about half an hour earlier because she thinks i should inform the ceo - in addition to putting my job on the line, i'm not sure it would be constructive. [having said that, you do have a point, mum. i heard you.]

at least i'm in a position that i wouldn't need to rush to find employment if i stopped working.

it is entirely likely that my sudden energy drops are related to my not consuming enough protein. different sources cite different numbers, but i'm getting the impression that i should be getting at least 150g in me per day, and i've been getting little more than a third of that. today i made 130g, and that was through three protein bars / snacks, breakfast, lunch and a double-dinner that i'm only halfway through.

note to self: mlo bio protein double choc is gross. i was desperate and that's what the dep (kiosk) had, and contrary to the review i just linked to i found both the texture and the taste appalling and cringe-worthy.

season seven of dr who while sewing my other hand-wrap's velcro: much better than the three doctors.

kickboxing: i slurped down the grape-flavoured rockst*r, which was easier to get down but made me feel a little nauseous. that *could* have been from the protein bar, though... i almost hesitated, but went to training anyway and had a really, really good session. i'm so buffed i almost didn't recognize myself in the mirror during warm-up! very cool.

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