Sunday, May 26, 2013

agony and happiness

crap. i woke up early and my body hasn't let up hurting for more than a few minutes at a time. i definitely need to see a doctor. in addition to worrying about my health, my tenant sent me an email informing me that he's moving out earlier than i'd like. just another headache... i hope it won't be a big one.

in the meanwhile, i've at least been deriving some pleasure from reading comics. saga is stunning, and mono just totally knocked my socks off!

i can't read comics without thinking about my own. i really have to push 'em out.

just before i went to sleep last night, a fellow student caught me for a quick chat. she informed me that a lot of people in the department think that i'm just on a long holiday, not realizing that i'm not planning on coming back. she also informed me that my absence is noticeable. as i said to her - of all the experiences of my twelve years in israel, the english department of tel aviv university was the one that was almost entirely enjoyable and fulfilling. i really do miss them, and her timing was impeccable because just yesterday i finally sent an email to mcgill's english department asking for a meeting: i really want to continue with my degree, and i really want to get back into academia.

right: the weather is miserable and i don't actually want to do anything at all, but i haven't done laundry this weekend just in case i'd train and by gum, i'm going to train. even if it's just to justify the delay :P

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