Friday, May 03, 2013

a touch of shame

so! the advanced kickboxing class. and i was an odd number so i was grouped with a guy and the amazonian i've mentioned a couple of times. as hard as i've seen her go before, she was really gentle with us and so i couldn't help but hold back. which would have been fine if we hadn't been practicing a combo that involved push kicks, and one of my slow motion kicks softly met her breast instead of her solar plexus.


anyway, it wasn't a regular training but it was really tough and i'm feeling totally pumped up! i'm so loving this, i can't believe i haven't been training properly in soooooooo many years.

on the other side of the biological organism that is me, the issues i've been experiencing have regressed a little, and today was tough :(

work: so we got a new intern in today, and everything would have been fine except that we'd transposed letters of his name and all his accounts were named something a bit offensive, and only amusingly so when not said in his presence :$

we took him out for lunch, and i was kinda shocked at how silent the table was when i didn't offer anything. what's with these kids?!

the cto, moonlighter, megaman, another senior developer and i had a long, productive and fun meeting in the sun that lasted most of the afternoon - i guess it was a good day.

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