Friday, November 09, 2012

nerves of lead

i would consider today successful. but there's just one thing: an awkward moment with a guy in the office brought home the reality of how precarious a situation i'm in right now. here i am establishing myself, we've got a great apartment half-filled with Stuff* and no guarantee that my papers will be accepted. it's one thing to know the risks before embarking, it's quite another to feel their weight when your future's hanging in the balance.

* i may not be materialistic, but there're so many little things one needs to be comfortable.

i can only hope that this country appreciates my worth enough to give me a chance.

today my hellish php experience really paid off: i finished off a set of libraries of generic and reusable functions that will make putting together a corporate website a breeze. someone should do for php what jquery does for javascript. in a non-complicated way. it always amazes me that the solutions for php problems are usually more of a hassle than simple doing the workarounds manually.

hopefully somebody will prove me wrong.

i spent a lot of time last night looking for internet providers, and today i called up a number of companies. distibutel is the only company i could find that offered cheap, shitty internet without a cap, apparently at the speeds claimed by the advertising, and with no contract obligations. the only issue is them needing two weeks to come by to set it up :(

i went straight from the office to the apartment, and pg and my aunt had transported most of the stuff and it's looking like home. like a nice home. we put the sleeper couch together, and it's awesome, and then we went to walmart (practically next door) to pretty much close the major round of shopping. the only thing we really need before moving in is curtains.

i explained to my aunt that we kinda need our own space; it's hard to get comfortable when you're not able to designate places for your belongings. i didn't mention that two months without a sense of privacy is less than ideal; not that we're not grateful for the accommodation.

operation options salvage that began last night got off to a better start than i'd thought: i thought the ceo was ignoring my request, and was feeling bad about it, but a couple of hours ago he responded telling me that the boss will discuss it with me. now... to learn what to ask for.

it's late again. beyond bedtime for one who wakes up in seven hours. maybe i'll recalibrate when i'm behind my own locked door?

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