Wednesday, October 31, 2012


the weather reports have been promising rain and heavy winds in montreal that were supposed to begin sometime yesterday and still be going strong. i was surprised to note that the streets were wet when i stepped out this morning, because the weather was cloudy but otherwise quite comfortable.

i waited for the bus - usually one comes every five minutes - and after more than ten my schedule was getting messed up and i may as well have walked. then it began to rain... just at that point, the bus arrived! and continued on straight past us, as it was full.

annoyed, i began to walk. with my nice shoes. noticing the little droplets on them - yes, yes, they're waterproof, whatever - reminded me that i'm supposed to leave them in the office and wear sneakers or boots when travelling. i hesitated after the next bus stop, and just managed to get on board the next bus before it really started pelting down.


i'm well pleased with the little coin purse pg found for me, it looks more professional than the one she made and it has a nifty card slot in the back which is quite useful for storing and passing my metro card.


my brain's still sore trying to understand why no matter which direction i'm travelling in, switching trains at snowdon involves walking downstairs. i mean, i kinda get it but unless i draw myself a little map it's really not intuitive.


my day at work was very comfortable and productive. what's weird, though, is that both the developers (including the vastly senior one) and the qa are all reporting to me. this is especially weird because i'm not officially working yet and because as an entity who isn't supposed to wear hats managing others (and paying attention to their hours) doesn't seem to fit. i'm gonna have a chat with the boss tomorrow to figure out who's responsible for what.

otherwise, the work plan seems solid and i'm progressing well with my duties. i even managed to delegate to the other dudes in a way that hasn't been challenged or whined about. this, to me, is a good start.


more positive news for the day - i finally got my paycheck for august! i have one more month left, and then i think it'll be appropriate to write a nice little article about certain companies who rip off their staff and suppliers on a regular basis. it's really not cool.

although, in retrospect, perhaps i should wait until they've given me a good reference :P


the sun came out again at lunchtime, and when i left work in the evening it was warm and pretty. heart-achingly pretty, and too good for any camera to pick up. i walked home with spring in my heart, and took pg out for chinese downtown. it wasn't nearly as good as the other place: the great ranking has begun. we enjoyed a great fruit shake and then came home; early enough to get stuff done AND get some sleep.


we just finished the vega one taste trial: the natural flavour crashed and burned with pg, i thought i was kinda okay but i wouldn't actually buy a whole bottle of the stuff. so berry it is.

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